Women’s Missionary Society


Julia Harris Women's Missionary Society

St Paul AME Church

WMS Diabetes Awareness Month

We are missionaries on the move.

Our Connectional Theme: “Transforming Lives…Building Communities…Impacting the World”.

Meetings: We meet every third Sunday after church service where lunch is also served.

Every year we celebrate our Annual Day the Second Sunday in January where a guest speaker is invited to share with us.
Attend and support other Missionary Societies Annual Days

Visit the sick

Support the Young People’s Department in their endeavors under the leadership of Ms. Sonja Moss. The YPD is under the umbrella of the Women’s Missionary Society.

Karen Baxter, Dorothy Belcher, Marshall Blakely, Dora Brantley, Jameka Caffie Margaret Daniels, Debra Darby, Elizabeth Elder, Elizabeth Grubbs, Rochelle Haggins, Ramandan Jones, Fannie King, Callie Knox, Ruby Knox, Kathy Lightfoot, Minnie McCloud, Earmie Money, Sonja Moss, Cynthia Parker, Lottie Summerville, Irene Tellis



Facts about the Missionaries

Carolyn Longmire, President
Catherine Jordan, Vice President
Witness: Participate in the ministry of the organization beyond its congregations partnering with agencies to provide needed service to the community.
Membership: Encourage, recruit, affirm and motivate non-member women of all ages, to participate.
Educate: Provide opportunities for worship and study
Stewardship: Support financially the total program of the WMS


Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.